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Ecotopia is a collaborative, limited edition screenprint designed and printed by Caitlin Parks and Melissa North for the art installation of the same name. 

The original project is a multi-sensory installation exploring the appeal of Utopian thinking in envisaging a sustainable and better future for our planet and Society. The installation was featured in The London Design Festival 2016 and went on to showcase in Porto and Belgium design biennale. 

This illustration was inspired by Jason Hickel's quote, 'If we are to chart our way into a sustainable future, we will need to abandon
our ontology of individualism and relearn this ontology of connection. We will need to rediscover the basic truth that our existence as individuals is bound up with the existence of others, and that our fate as a species is bound up with that of the fish, the forests, the bees, and the oceans.'

3 layer screen print edition of 50, hand printed and signed by the artists.

Paper measures 500 x 350mm

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